The Weis Earth Science Museum is a museum on the Fox Cities campus of UW Oshkosh. It has minerals, fossils, rocks, dinosaur bones, interactive exhibits, and much more. Though this logo didn't end up getting chosen, I am still proud of this logo and wanted to showcase it on my website.

Logo Design

The director of the Weis Museum wanted to include imagery of fossils in the logo. The spiraled image off of the "W" in Weis is shaped like a cephalopod, and the cutout in the cephalopod is shaped like the head of a trilobite. The pattern in the background is supposed to be reminiscent of the texture of the earth with fossils in it.

Secondary Logo

The "W" in Weis is easily separated from the rest of the logo to create an icon that can be used for social media profile pictures, t-shirts, hats, and even on signage. 

Rack Card

This rack card is meant to be handed out to museum visitors who may want more information or are interested in bringing a school tour group to visit.

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