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Bee Bella isn't your average lip balm company. Since its start,
Bee Bella has made an enormous effort to be socially and
economically conscious. They source organic ingredients,
provide funding to honey bee research, support U.S.
manufacturing, guarantee their products are never tested
on animals, and ensure that farmers around the world are

treated fairly and work in humane conditions. Each lip balm
is also hand poured and crafted by the beekeepers themselves.


This 8-page brochure was designed to be handed out to cafe owners to encourage them to put Bee Bella displays at their check out areas. The brochure includes information about Bee Bella's mission, ingredients, packaging, lip balm scent/flavors, prices, testimonials, and the lip balm display options that
are available. I wrote most of the content based on information I was given from the client, and I also took some of the photography within the brochure.



I designed these bookmarks for Bee Bella to hand out at a Whole Foods event over the summer

in 2019. Each one contains facts about honey bees

on the front and information about Bee Bella on

the back.

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