Peaks & Pines Coffee Roasters is a new business in downtown Oshkosh, Wisconsin that will open in 2019. I designed them a new logo, business cards, t-shirts, stickers, coffee bag packaging, and a website. The new website is not live yet so the store does not currently work but you can view it here: peaksandpinescoffee.com


Peaks & Pines Coffee Roasters sells specialty small-batch coffee beans. On each label is the name of the roast, what flavor notes to pay attention for, and the location of where the beans were grown. 

The names of the roasts all have the same outdoorsy, Pacific Northwest sound and feel.


Peaks & Pines' slogan is "Elevate Your Cup." I designed shirts with the logo and the slogan.

Business Cards

No identity is complete without professional business cards. Many times, the first interaction a person has with a company is with their business cards, and it's important to make a strong first impression. 


When I started design work for Peaks & Pines, they already had a website. I designed the new one with the same content as the previous one, and updated the look to match the new logo and brand.

This new website will be live in winter 2019, so keep an eye out! You will be able to buy coffee beans, stickers, t-shirts and more on the new online store.

You can view the website before it launches here: peaksandpinescoffee.com

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