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League of Titans offers members the privilege of helping talented

UW Oshkosh student-athletes receive a top-tier education while pursuing their goals on and off the competition field. If anyone donates $50

(or more) and becomes a member of League of Titans, they receive

a personalized membership card that allows them one general

admission ticket to every Titan regular-season home event.


Campaign Look

I designed a completely new look for the 2018 materials. They are consistent with other athletics pieces so they will be recognizable as Titan Athletics, but I still gave them a style that is unique to League of Titans.

Last year's look was a very dark, serious vibe, and this year, I wanted to highlight the athletes in a warm and fun way. I wanted people to see their own children in the athletes and want to support them and watch them play. 


Over 2,000 of these brochures have been printed and handed out at sporting events this year. All the information about League of Titans is inside, and there is also a registration/donation form to become a member.


Membership Cards

When anyone donates $50 or more to the League of Titans, they become a member of the League and receive this membership card, which allows them one general admission ticket to every Titan regular-season home event. 

Social Media Ads

I designed 7 different social media ads featuring several sports, including football, women's soccer, gymnastics, wrestling, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's swimming and diving, men's and women's track and field, and women's volleyball. The ads ran on Facebook and Instagram.

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