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On Nov. 21, 1968, a group of students occupied the president’s office at UW Oshkosh to advocate for a more racially inclusive campus. Remembered as Black Thursday, 94 students were arrested and expelled from the University. The 50th anniversary of this historical event recognized and reflected upon the lives of those who were impacted. I designed these postcards as an invite to the event on campus.


Campaign Look

The images used in the background are historically archived photos from the University in 1968. I combined the photography with an old stained paper texture and put the "logo" of sorts on top. 

The fonts I used for the Black Thursday "logo" were meant to be retro looking and still have ties to

UW Oshkosh colors. 


The postcards incorporated the look and basic information about the upcoming event on campus. We mailed these to many alumni and students involved in the incident in 1968 and invited them to attend the 50th anniversary event. 


Campus Vision

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus has mounted TVs all over campus called Campus Vision. I created this slide to create awareness of the event.


This program was used at the actual Black Thursday Remembered: 50 Years Later event. The front has
the order of events, and the back recognizes the
Oshkosh 94, as well as the people who made the event happen. 

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